Healing From the Inside Out!

Sample Questions Of BeYou.BeHappy Program worksheets

Belief Systems

Where did your beliefs come from? How have they shaped your life? Do you have the same beliefs now as you did years/months/weeks ago?
Can you take responsibility for your Creation? Do you see or know that you are a co-creator and have the energy to contribute towards events in your life? 

Building a Relationship W/ Your Body

How do you communicate with your body?
How does your body respond in different situations?  (i.e. - healthy situations, fun situations, scary situations, low energy situations) 


Do you know the difference between your ego and your spirit?
Where do you see yourself improving? Can you do it with compassion? Patience? Acceptance?  


Do you think it’s good or bad to have emotions?
What is your perception of healing? Spiritually? Emotionally? Physically? Mentally? Buy Here


IF you were going to introduce yourself to someone, what would you say? Would you lead with your job? Are you comfortable with your identity?
How do you think God sees you? Buy Here


Do you judge yourself? How does it affect your emotions? How does it affect your quality of life?How do you feel when you view people judging other people?