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How Can Carolyn Help You? Discover how to heal yourself!

Carolyn Berry

Carolyn is an Author,  a Colon Hydrotherapist, Business Owner and created the BeYou BeHappy program. Her passion and history serving on her ministry team lead her into a deeper relationship with God.  Carolyn now shares her knowing and experience with others to help them be the best version of themselves.  She developed the BeYou.BeHappy program to move people from chaos to happiness.  Since everyone's happy is different, this program is designed to help YOU figure out what that is.  And through Carolyn's guidance she will help you see what you need to see for your personal healing and growth.

Physical Health

Carolyn Created a business that incorporated colon hydrotherapy and guided meditation for healing.  You may ask "what do they have to do with one another?"  The gut and the brain have a unique connection and Carolyn discovered this missing piece when she tried every healing modality.  After discovering Colon Hydrotherapy, she then put the missing pieces together and saw how important the physical piece is.  She had fallen in love with her voice by leading meditation.  Then fell in love with her writing and words through her book.  She thought she could heal with just her relationship with God and his energy.  But he showed her that we are in this PHYSICAL body for a reason.  To experience everything.  And therefore to take care of it.  Carolyn mentors you on how to build a relationship with your body.  And truly Love it, and yourself.


BeYou.BeHappy Program
No one can tell you how to BE Happy.  The only way to be truly Happy is to BE YOU.  What does being YOU look like?  Carolyn designed these Questions to truly find out who you are through Email worksheets, group coaching calls, and one on one sessions through her mentorship program. Examples of the topics are;  Judgement, Ego, Criticism, Belief System, Building a Relationship with your Body, and Identity.  Have you been defined by society?  By parents beliefs?  By worldly beliefs?  Sometimes we don't even realize what we believe isn't what we truly believe.  If you want to evolve and improve your situation, start from scratch, build a new version of yourself, or find out who YOU are, then this program is for you.