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My Book with a Guided Meditation

“I'm Happy. How Did I Get Here?"


Have you ever been challenged by a monkey, human, creature, or creepy crawler? I have, and as a result I learned energy. I had a background in massage and thought I could heal the world with my hands. Then I took a different direction into the corporate world because I got greedy. I wanted all the material things that I thought would make me happy. Soon I realized those things weren’t going to make me happy. What did make me Happy was finding my inner Joy. This book will take you into my experiences, including a spiritual journey to South Africa, as if you were right there with me. I don’t think of myself as a writer or an author, but a storyteller and an experience facilitator. If you are Happy, this book is for you. If you are still searching, this book is definitely for you. Buy Online on AMAZON

About the Author

Carolyn Berry is an accomplished author, speaker, and corporate trainer. But it wasn’t always that way. Raised along the Central Coast of California, Carolyn realized early in life that she seemed to have a strong intuition, a special knack of knowing and the ability to manage people and build strong foundations for businesses. She also knew that somehow her purpose on Earth was to help people. She started her career as a massage therapist. It wasn’t enough. Carolyn’s drive, persistence, career focus, and addiction to material things drove her to take on corporate America, gaining attention as she climbed the corporate ladder traveling the country, managing, training, launching new business locations, and leading sales training events. But it wasn’t fulfilling her heart. There was no personal satisfaction. Carolyn was disconnected. Her life was out of balance. I’m Happy. How Did I Get Here? is the story of her incredible transformation. Carolyn shares her journey of reconnecting with what is truly important and offers the reader some easy, proven ways to achieve the same.  Buy Online on Amazon


I wasn't always happy. In fact, I was very UNhappy. I was trying to figure out for years what that "thing" was that was going to make me happy. I thought I had it all figured out at a young age and knew what success looked like. But I found out I had it all wrong. It wasn't outside of myself and people, THINGS couldn't make me happy. I decided I wanted to BE HAPPY. That journey began when I realized I needed to work on me. After years of working on me, I started to feel joy one day before I was going to teach a class. It was pure joy from inside and I didn't DO anything to make myself feel that way. Could this be possible? Could I feel joy and actually BE Happy? Yeah, I finally got there. Then I started to reflect and I asked myself "How did I get here?" After teaching techniques for grounding, clearing, and meditation to groups and clients, I realized I needed to share this information because there are a lot of people like me. Struggling with different issues, searching for a way to heal, and needing tools to assist in the process. I've helped a lot of clients with balancing work, career, and family using these tools and techniques. In my stories, I hope you find peace, joy, laughter, breakthrough, and comfort knowing you are not crazy or alone! I hope this helps you identify where you are out of balance and ways in which you can work towards achieving happiness or become happier and start your healing process. Whether it is physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual, there is always work that needs to be done on ourselves. My Story: I used to be focused on my career and all the material worldly things that go along with it. I started out my healing work as a massage therapist for seven years until I found a job in the corporate world. Being a massage therapist, I paid attention to everything that goes on in a spa. I paid attention to how my clients were checked in and checked out. Were they greeted in a friendly manner? Were they offered to re-book? I witnessed so many things over the years of doing massage and I once said to myself, "If I ever own a spa, I'll know exactly what I'll do and how to train/teach my staff." I took great notes in my head which paid off because I went into the corporate world and did exactly that. I got to put my experience on paper and implemented all I had learned: training, hiring, educating, and being a great Manager. I decided to take control of my life when I realized I was living totally out of my physical body. I had no balance and No spirituality. I was focused on my career, climbing the corporate ladder, making money, buying shoes, looking fancy, and eating at 5-star restaurants most of the week. My EGO was in control and living the American dream. I felt so good about myself. However, at one point, when I had “made it”, I realized I was alone. Not because I wasn’t in a relationship, but because my heart was empty. I didn’t have people around me to encourage me spiritually and help me achieve balance. When I turned 30, my friends came out and visited me in Miami. I was going to celebrate and set some new boundaries with myself and others. I told my friends that for the next 30 years I was going to focus on myself; work less and find happiness. At the same time, they all laughed. I reassured them that I was serious; however, they couldn’t see it happening. In fact, one said, “Carolyn, you are a work-a-holic. Your work is your life.” I felt this deep sadness in my heart. Yes, I was a hard worker, but what else did I have? I had the career, money, got to travel; but that was it. I had no peace. I had nothing but my JOB. They were right and I didn't like it one bit. I needed to find balance. I needed to have balance. But then I asked myself, “What do I want? What is balance? How do I achieve it?” Buy Online at Amazon

A bit about Carolyn

Carolyn wrote her book in 10days!  In this video she talks a little about how she did that and her belief systems